6 Reasons to go Vegan in 2020

Posted by Debbie Izatt on

Being vegan isn't just all about changing what you eat.  It is a huge part of course but if you are going to eat vegan, what about the clothes and shoes you wear?  The makeup you buy?  The handbag or backpack or wallet you use?  Are they made out of leather, silk or any other animal product?  Does your current makeup contain beeswax or some other animal ingredient.  Does the makeup you currently wear have a policy for not testing on animals.  Is it cruelty free?  If you are going to eat the vegan food then maybe you should also change these other habits too.  This is not a guilt trip but maybe just start one thing at a time.  Here are 6 reasons to help motivate you in shopping and being vegan.

1.  It's the best way to help animals.  Prevent animal suffering by choosing plant based products.  

2.  You increase your health and energy.  You will lose weight!  Ok so buying a vegan bag won't make you lose the pounds but in terms of what you eat, you will lose weight and decrease the chance of bowel cancer - meat causes inflammation.  Also meat is the expensive part to your grocery shop so if you are not buying meat, that money can go toward buying a vegan handbag or vegan lipstick at Trend Pony!

3.  Help save the planet.  Every little bit helps!  

4.  It's so on trend.  Not that you care whose who...do you :)  but OMG everybody's doing it!  It is the biggest trend since the little black dress.  Todays hottest celebrities are doing it.

5.  It makes you sexy.  It's true.  You look glowing and vibrant (not just wearing that vegan blusher or carrying the vegan backpack) but because you are eating fresh plant based food too.  You will have more energy.  According to the PETA website and I quote   "The cholesterol and saturated animal fat found in meat, eggs, and dairy “products” don’t just clog the arteries to your heart. Over time, they impede blood flow to other vital organs as well.) Plus, what’s sexier than someone who’s not only hot but also compassionate?

6.  Animals are more intelligent than you think.  Don't get me started really but I love animals so much I just cannot comprehend the mistreatment of them.

So there you have it.  From someone who recently became vegan, I can honestly say I have never felt better.  I still need to change a lot of things and become more aware but hey it's a start and if everybody did a small bit to change to plant based, we will become better humans.

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