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 High Fashion, Zero Cruelty

That's the story behind the amazing vegan handbag label Gunas New York.  Owner and designer Sugandh G. Agrawal is behind this brand with a cause and we are loving it!  Her mission is to create cruelty free fashion and says animals are not meant to be part of it.  I agree 100% and love animals as our equal.  We should never ever dominate another species and hunt them for food and body parts.  

Leather is not a by product of the meat industry.  Picture this;  A zebra, cow, elephant or I don't know...any animal, walking around carrying a bag made out of human skin. it's wrong.... so wrong.  Please join the movement, with Gunas and choose to buy vegan handbags, leather free, cruelty free, ethically sourced.  Take a look at our range of vegan bags.  You will see they are actually more beautiful than the evil sort!

I know deep down today, there is a little part of you that knows it is wrong to wear animal made fashion and that little part of you feels guilt.  C'mon!  That guilt feeling will be a thing of the past when you choose to change for good.  People will comment on how happy you look and how young you look.

Gunas New York is Americas first 100% vegan handbag brand.  Sugandh set out small, making a collection of 8 bags at the beginning - the reason behind this need to create vegan bags was because of her desire to do 'the right thing' and eating vegan was only one part of the puzzle, the deep need to make her whole lifestyle vegan and cruelty free urged her to continue on this journey to take over the world with kindness to animals and get her vegan designer bags out there for the world to buy.  She knew in her heart that this was right by the animals and so do all of us. 

I am finding similarities in Sugandh's story to my own pathway of creating vegan cosmetics.  I am not trusting products and brands that I use from the store and am questioning ingredients.  I am on a mission to make my own products so I too can do the right thing.  I swear there will be an uprising and the animals will take back (ok I watch too many movies).

Take a look at our selection of vegan bags and remember you are a part of a great cause.  Plus you will look awesome!  Thank you GUNAS and Sugandh for your award winning bags and being the change that is needed.


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